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Fill out this individual online form to sign up as a volunteer for America’s Grow-a-Row. If you wish to schedule a group, fill out our group application form.

In Season

We’ll be in the fields planting during the spring and picking from July until at least early November. We send out an e-mail when we need help on a large scale from the general public. If you can make it, you’ll join us in the fields picking produce that will be donated to feeding agencies all over New Jersey.

Plant and Harvest in the Fields

  • Organize a group to plant, harvest, or glean by heading to our Group Application Form. Fill out as much as you know and we will help fill in the rest to secure a date.
  • Have your scout troop join our Annual Scout Day.
  • Help on our community gleaning days (sign up for our mailing list). We’ll announce multiple dates a month or last minute calls for help for individuals and families to join. Volunteers of all ages are welcome, but children under 14 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times on the farm. We can also set dates for teams of a dozen or more people to come out and pick. Those dates are scheduled primarily on weekdays.

Deliver Produce

  • Join one of our partner organizations to help deliver produce to one of our Free Farm Market℠ locations in season. We are in need of volunteers for markets in Morristown and in Newark: Site 1 and Site 2 (Many thanks to our 2015 volunteer partners – Morrow United Methodist Church of Maplewood, South Ridge Community Church, Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, and Custom Alloy Corporation – for taking on multiple deliveries to Camden, Jersey City, and Newark this season.)

Help Children Harvest

  • Be a counselor for the day and assist with our Grow-a-Row Kids Farm Days.

Help Raise Funds

Off-Season – Have AGAR Visit You!

We stay quite busy during the winter presenting the America’s Grow-a-Row program and educational workshops to various schools, businesses, faith-based organizations, and more. If you are interested in having a visit from us, please contact Julie Rusin for more information.

A Note on Service Hours…

The months of July and August are an awesome time to achieve some of those service hours needed for the next school year. The month of May, a month before deadlines for school, honor society, confirmation, and so on is not a good time to look for volunteer hours at America’s Grow-a-Row because hours in May are very limited. So, if you or your child need service hours, consider coming to one, some, or all of our “community pick” sessions or helping out with our Grow-a-Row Kids Farm Days.