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The (Healthy) Choice Is Yours

(by Julie Rusin) Instead of trying to completely overhaul people’s eating habits, our team encourages the students we work with each month to make healthy choices. Changing everything at once can be quite a shock and is very difficult to maintain over time. Instead, it’s important to focus on the MORE>

Healthy Eating Tips

Four Simple Tips for Healthy Eating The enthusiasm of New Year’s resolutions may be waning, but there is no need to give up on healthy eating goals! We will be running Healthy Eating Lessons through the beginning of the growing season, and we’re happy to let you in on some MORE>

Team Building at America’s Grow-a-Row

Why Have a Team Building Event? There’s no question about the importance in teamwork in any company, and a team building event is the perfect way to promote teamwork through authentic, inspiring interactions between coworkers that will help create a strong and cohesive business MORE>

Volunteer Viewpoints

by Julie Rusin We see a visual representation of the change in the season in October as the leaves change from green to amber, crimson, and sunset orange. The days get shorter, the air gets crisper, and we wind down for the harvest season. The change in the MORE>

The Making of a Volunteer

Dylan Cheng is a Pingry student and longtime volunteer at America’s Grow-a-Row. Not only has he helped in the fields, but he also supported AGAR financially by getting donations to run a Tough Mudder as a creative Pennies 4 Produce Fundraiser. Age: MORE>